Album Update | Big Summer of Firsts

First steps, first lost/knocked out tooth, first album conducting, first top pony tail, first olympic inspired summersaults, and a 30th birthday. Wow has it been a big summer of Murphy firsts. We have been busy, and man has it been hard. Most days we’re just barely coming up for air.

Even as I type this Mike is sick puking in the bedroom, YUCK. We had to cancel our recording session tonight which is a bit demoralizing. This week has been emotional and stressful. We’ve had schedule delays, setbacks and troubles finding babysitters with our ever changing recording schedule. Please PRAY that we would have peace & wellness in our house hold and eyes set above as we juggle it all.

Don’t worry we do have good news coming…

Even through it all we know the Lord is caring for our every need. Mike once told a favorite doctor of ours about how he had been sick, but barely made it through a Sunday service with just enough voice. The doctor replied: isn’t that just what our God promises, ENOUGH to get through? He does indeed. Often what feels like just barely enough to us was more than plenty for the Lord to accomplish His great work trough us.

Our God is indeed providing for our every good work, including continual financial provision towards our album. We have raised about 75% of our album funding needs, praise Jesus! Thank you to all our supporters whom without your help we wouldn’t be continuing this beautiful mess of a project! We are continuing to trust our Lord for his provisions, rest, and good health as we pursue the final push to completing the recording portion of making our album.

If you want to donate to our “making a worship album” fund visit our DONATE page. We will gift every person who gives $10 or more a free download of the album when it comes out (hopefully early next year)!

Grace and Peace,



3 thoughts on “Album Update | Big Summer of Firsts

  1. Love the “big movie” and the music you chose for it. We are soooo thankful for you guys and your contribution to our weekly corporate worship. Thanks for making our music represent more of the multi cultural complexion of the upcoming wedding supper of the Lamb. Thanks as well for bringing uncommon depth to both our musical and lyrical worship. So rare these days. Gary & Nan Beaudreau

    1. Thanks Gary for your encouragement. It is our highest honor to be serving the Lord through music at First Pres. We are so grateful God brought us here!

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