Donate to launch our album:

***!!!UPDATE!!!*** We are currently fully funded for our upcoming album, if you wanted to give we will leave this page open for you to do so. Any extra funding will help us with any hidden costs that we may not have expected, could help purchase extra merchandise to sell, or go towards music equipment to help out future endeavors. ALSO all free gifts below (in bold) still apply, so if you want a digital download before our official release then send us just $10! We are so grateful to those who made this project happen!

As you may have heard, we are recording our very first studio album! Our album will be full of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs (Col 3:16). Our goal is to create an album of music that glorifies God through skillful playing and singing, boasts of what the Lord has done, and provides accessible music as a resource to his church. Will you help us as we run after this missional work that he has set in our hearts to accomplish?

The cost of completing our 10 song album is close to $10,000. It takes a lot of people to complete a full length professional album. This money goes towards sound engineers, professional mixing and mastering engineers, musicians, physical cd production, publishing, copywriting, and more.

EVERY DONATION HELPS, and all donations are appreciated! To all who donate $10 or more, we will gift a digital download of the completed album! To all who donate $100 or more we will send you both a signed CD and the digital download along with a special thank you! Thanks for your support!

Other ways you can help us:

PRAYER: This is by far the most important way you can provide assistance. The Lord hears our prayers, and it is our most important weapon against the broken world we live in.

  1. Unity in our marriage as we attempt such a big project together.
  2. Patience and perseverance as we seek to accomplish this work the Lord has put before us.
  3. Wellness in our family so we can continue on our recording schedule without falling behind.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Use those thumbs and spread the word about our project! Provide links on your Facebook page to tell people about our upcoming project. Or simply share by word of mouth! As Proverbs 27:2 reminds us to “Let another praise you, and not your own mouth” a word from you means more than a word of promotion from ourselves. You can find us on Instagram and Twitter @mikealliemurphy

Common Questions:

Does this mean you don’t want to be a local worship leader? Are you going to leave us and start touring?

NO! We are more than confirmed to our calling as worship leaders, and we see this project as an extension, not a replacement, to the ministry we already do. All Christians are called to be a part of the great commission. Music is such a powerful way that the Spirit can work in the lives of people and as the Lord has gifted us with songwriting we believe we are called to share our music

What’s your goal for this project?

Simply to make our songs accessible to both our church body and beyond, creating an album of skillful playing that boasts of what the Lord has done. The beauty of recording an album is you can share your music without having to physically go anywhere. That is why we will need your help in spreading the word for us! Music can be such a powerful tool in ministering to people’s hearts! Who are we not to share? “Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth,” Psalm 96:1

Where are you recording your Album?

Right at our church, First Presbyterian in Augusta, GA! Our church leadership sought to encourage us in launching our project by providing some much needed sound proofing equipment necessary to turn any space into a recording studio. This is equipment that will also help them to improve the quality of some of their videos, so it won’t only benefit us but is definitely a huge encouragement to our endeavors!

Is my gift tax deductible?

No, legally musicians don’t count as a non-profit, however we often feel like not much profit comes our way, lol.

Can’t we donate through your church? Wouldn’t that make my gift tax deductible?

We did think about this option, and it may have been faster to raise money this way, but in the long run it could hurt us. Here’s why: we, Mike and Allie Murphy, deserve all copyrights to our own songs! As soon as we go through another organization to raise support, the lines start to blur and it could get confusing. We sought council and were affirmed that keeping things in our own name would protect us down the road if our music ever started to actually earn us money through royalties, or in any other way. Does this mean we doubt the good nature of our church? No! We want to do our due diligence and responsibly go about this project in the way that will be best for all in the long run.

Will you make money off this project? 

WOW! We are so flattered you think this. The answer is: Maybe! And that would bless our family. Truthfully? We don’t expect to make much. We have, however, opened a separate bank account to keep things set apart. Any earnings we do make will go towards future music projects. At the end of the day, we aren’t in it for the money. Our main desire is to continue the pursuit of sharing our songs and making it accessible for people to hear right from their own device or in their car or however they listen to music.

Why are you not starting with kick-starter or other crowd funding platforms?

Honestly because another platform felt like one more thing to manage. As a small ministry and young family we just don’t have what it takes to provide all the incentives that kick-starter requires. And any other platform didn’t feel very personable. We may find kick-starter useful down the road or for future projects but for this first one we didn’t want to lose any % of your gifts to fund the kick-starter company.  As far as incentives go, we will be gifting a digital download of the album to anyone who gives $10 or more to our project!

Aren’t you already recording? Why do you need money? 

To pay the kind and generous people who are already working for us in faith knowing that the Lord will provide this money! The money you donate goes toward the printing of physical CDs and the hiring of professional recording engineers, digital mixing and mastering technicians, musicians, publishing, copywriting and babysitters. It takes SO many people to pull off this type of project and we want to pay the laborers what they deserve.

Don’t see your question here?

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