Guitar and Organ | The Wonderful Cross

Mike has been slowly growing a little library of sorts of some songs that work well to pair guitar and organ together. This past week we did The Wonderful Cross (a Chris Tomlin chorus added to When I survey the  Wondrous Cross). Basically the Organ added some nice synth/swell sounds and it was a really nice effect. We have been so grateful for our congregation who has met Mike and Jon Wilson’s mesh ups with much appreciation. Mostly their reaction is not one of “What you messed with tradition?!” but rather one of thankfulness. I’m thinking that probably says something about the need for this kind of guitar/organ woven beauty as we move forward to bringing young and old, traditionalists and modernists together into our worship services. There is still room for both modern worshippers and classical/tradition leaders to shine at our church and for that I am grateful, but also so thankful that each can lay aside their preferences and work together to make something new and fresh. Here’s to Musical Breadth!

Starting at 26:20 you can hear his rendition. Message us or comment below if you would like the chart or any notes about what they did.

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