Recording Update | No Fear.

No fear in death, no guilt in life, this is the power of Christ in me.


Dear Friends,

We embarked on new territory this summer: Recording our first professional full length album! We will officially be launching more information soon about the support we need to raise to make this project happen, but for now we wanted to take some time and tell you about where we are at with our project.

In years past, we have been hesitant to record for a number of reasons. Fear over the amount of work it takes. Fear over the money it takes. Fear of putting our selves out there in such a finalized way. Fear of being taken the wrong way. Despite all this fear however, the Lord has been moving in our hearts as he strips away our own fears and insecurities. As we have turned our eyes from self centered fearfulness to reverence of our holy God, we have begun to see this work of recording an album in a new light. Missional work that he has set in our hearts to accomplish!

Continually this simple phrase has echoed to us in the last few months: RECORDING GOD’S GLORY.

How do we partake in the revealing of God’s glory as artists and creators? We simply create. We put work out there for God to use as he chooses.

As an artist would finalize a painting on a canvas to hang on the wall for others to view, we desire to take the songs the Lord has already given us and finalize them in recorded form for people to hear. Our desire is that the Lord would work through the hearts of his people through our creative efforts.

WHAT IS OUR ALBUM? Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs. (Col 3:16)

WHAT IS OUR END GOAL? Simply to create an album of music that glorifies God through skillful playing and singing, boasts of what the Lord has done, and provides accessible music as a resource to his church.

We are excited to let you in on this process as we seek to continue after this missional work He has set before us.

Grace and Peace,

Mike and Allie Murphy

Ready to help us make it happen? Visit:

(Photo by the talented: © Mackenzie Leigh Photography)

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  1. We are so happy for you! We love you guys so much! We will pray for your family as you continue down this new, exciting, and scary road!

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