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Just looking for Lead sheets? SCROLL DOWN for the PDFs of our Christmas tunes and listen to our Christmas EP titled “Joy”.

We have been a big old mess this Advent season. Anyone else? It seems like we are waiting on a lot of things. Our family and marriage is a bit worn down over it all. We are reminded that this season isn’t just about remembering the birth of Christ, its also a time to remember his return and celebrate that God’s story isn’t over yet! And what better time to remember that we need the return of Christ but admit the hustle and bustles of the craziest time of year?

As we wade through the hustle and the bustle we’ve realized the importance of tuning our hearts back to the truth. That Christ has come and that Christ will come again! Our Advent traditions have been a fight this year to make it happen, but it has been worth it and I’m just here to encourage you that it doesn’t have to look perfect to benefit the spiritual growth of your family. That Picture above? Truth be told that was from two years ago. We haven’t even gotten a chance to our yearly snow village this year and THIS is actually what our table looks like:

Advent is a special time for a lot of families and everyone seems to do it differently. There really is NO wrong way to celebrate Advent. This is what I have learned:

The key to Advent family worship is this: set aside a time get together with your kids, pray and sing with them so that you can tell them about Jesus. No need to overcomplicate it.

We started a formal advent weekly worship time about three years ago because it was something that Mike did as a kid with his family. He has fond memories of special treats, songs, and crafts. When his family was older he has fond memories of Advent being a special time that they specifically prayed aloud for each of their family members. In following his family’s traditions we keep it super simple usually something frozen and paper plates is involved. We turn the lights off light the candles sing the song below and then maybe a carol. But most importantly we look at each other in the eyes over the flickering candle light and remind each other the Christ is born and the Christ will come again!

Teach them (the words of Christ) to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” Deuteronomy 11:19


Murphy Christmas Song Lead Sheets:

“Joy” Lead Sheets for you to use in your homes or church: DOWNLOAD HERE


Advent Candle Song for kids:

This is the song we sing when we light the candles. Each candle has a theme Hope, Love, Peace and Joy. This is helpful in remembering for the kids, beware it gets stuck in your head! It’s simple and not overly theological. Not sure if Mike’s mom made it up or got it from somewhere but they sang it all growing up and we’re still singing it today.

Advent Candle lyrics: Bold words to be filled in with the Hope, Love, Peace, Joy advent theme words each week…

Light one candle for Hope,

One bright Candle for Hope,

He brings Hope to every Heart,

He comes, He comes

Joy verse is different:

Light one candle for Joy,

One bright candle for Joy,

His salvation to every nation

Through Bethlehem’s baby boy.


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Use these tools we’re providing in the post, or don’t. Make up your own rules, keep it simple and Jesus focused. The key is to keep it simple!

Merry Christmas!


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